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Staatsolie Nieuws October 2016


Staatsolie Nieuws No. 2/2016 is out. Read the magazine online here or download it from our website.

In this edition:

  • SPCS 10 Years: Considerable Contribution to Securing Growing Energy Demand
  • Crude Shipping under Own Management
  • Open Door Invitation Quite Successful
  • Continuous Focus on a Healthy Work and Living Environment
  • Staatsolie Five Years on the Fuel Retail Market
  • The Price of Saramacca Crude: Accepting What the International Market Decides
  • Gold Revenues to Be Invested in Increase Oil Reserves
  • ON-THE-JOB Millwright Technician Amanda Soetowidjojo
  • New Refinery More Efficient after Catalyst Change
  • Staatsolie Inspires Followers on Facebook
  • Drilling Program Expanded to Retain Production Level
  • Sabrina Meerzorg: ‘Helping People is Really My Passion’
  • Jubilarians
  • Personnel News
  • Community Project

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