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Stepping up Production Level an Enormous Challenge


Increasing oil production from 16,300 to 17,000 barrels a day is the highest priority at Staatsolie this year. In order to achieve and maintain this level eighty to one hundred new wells have to be drilled a year. Since only an average 64 wells have been drilled in the past two years, the company needs to step up things. That is an enormous challenge.

Read the full article in the March 2017 edition of Staatsolie Nieuws on our website here.

In this edition of Staatsolie Nieuws:

  • Focus on Oil Production and Partners for Nearshore
  • Stepping up Production Level an Enormous Challenge
  • Staatsolie Looking for Partners for Nearshore Blocks B and C
  • The Voyage of Fuel: From Refining to the Gas Station
  • Increasing and Sustaining Refinery Production
  • Investing in a Bright Future
  • Social Investments from Staatsolie’s Offshore Partners: From
  • Benches to a Surgical Microscope
  • Committee for Improvement Protection Production Facilities
  • Personnel News
  • Medical tip: Drink Enough Water


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