Who are we

We are Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V., a vertically integrated state-owned company founded in 1980. We explore, drill, produce, refine, market, sell and transport petroleum and products refined from it. We also generate electricity. With the production and supply of energy, we meet the growing energy needs of our society.

Join our investment opportunities
Suriname's offshore potential is attracting more attention from the industry. Over the years, renowned IOCs have partnered with us to unlock the huge hydrocarbon potential of the Guiana basin. We welcome all interested parties to join us.
Nearshore Drilling Project Staatsolie Completed
The Nearshore Drilling project is now being closed. Six wells were drilled off the coast of our country. No commercial oil discovery was made, but valuable data was collected.
Staatsolie Records US$ 149 Million Gross Profit in 2018
Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. recorded a consolidated gross turnover of US$ 506 million in fiscal 2018. Profit before tax amounted to US$ 149 million.
Staatsolie Signs PSC with Columbus Energy Resources for Weg naar Zee block
Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. and Columbus Energy Resources PLC, from England, signed the production sharing contract for the Weg naar Zee block on 3 October 2019.
Sunset at the West Castor Rig
Today is World Photography Day.

Our Business

We are involved in exploration, drilling, production, refining, marketing, sales, and transport of crude and refined products, and the generation of electricity. Our core activities are grouped in an Upstream and a Downstream asset, strongly supported by a variety of corporate services. They all play a part in realizing our vision.


Our core upstream activities are exploration, drilling, crude production, and crude treatment and pipeline operations.


Our core downstream activities involves refining of crude oil, sales, bunkering, electricity generation and retail of high-end products. 

Products & Services

Through our subsidiary GOw2, we provide Suriname with our high-end products diesel and gasoline. Also, we provide excellent bunkering services.  

Social Impact

Being responsible for people and the environment is one of our core values. We support the advancement of the Surinamese people by contributing to a wide range of social projects. We strive to minimize negative impacts upon the environment. 

Investment Opportunities

We welcome partners in our quest to explore our offshore hydrocarbon potential. Our Production Sharing Contracts are world-class and fair towards all parties. Join us.

Why Invest in Suriname?

With an estimated resource potential of 13.6 billion barrels (P50), the United States Geological Survey (USGS 2012) ranks the Guiana Basin 2nd in the world for prospectivity among the world's unexplored basins and 12th for oil among all the world's basins - explored and unexplored.