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GOw2 Energy Company Suriname N.V., formerly known as Suritex N.V., is the subsidiary through which Staatsolie has entered the retail market in 2011. In that year Staatsolie acquired the retail operations of Chevron/Texaco in Suriname.

Gasoline and diesel intended for the local market, is mainly sold through GOw2

Paradise Oil Company N.V. (POC) was established in 2005 for carrying out exploration and production activities in cooperation with third parties.

Since 2006 Staatsolie, through its subsidiary Staatsolie Power Company Suriname N.V. (SPCS), owns and operates a thermal plant with a generating capacity of 62 megawatt. By mid-2015 the generating capacity will have been expanded to 96 megawatt, which will be delivered to the Paramaribo grid.  In 2014 gross turnover was USD 60.5 Million

In 2004 Staatsolie acquired a 30 percent stake in the Trinidad-based bunkering company Ventrin Petroleum Company Limited in 2004. The main objective was to secure access to the strategic markets in the region.

As of 2012 Ventrin has become a full Staatsolie subsidiary.

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