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Guidelines Procurement and Payment

The following payment guidelines apply the purchases of goods and services by Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname N.V. (Staatsolie):

  1. Only staff of the purchasing department of PRC are authorized to make purchases on behalf of Staatsolie. A Purchase Order (PO) will be send to you for this specific order.
  2. In the event that the services are delivered in accordance with the agreed requirements, the contact person within Staatsolie will provide you with a Service Entry Sheet (SES), which is mandatory to submit your invoice.
  3. An original and specified invoice, clearly stating your company name, bank information, currency, PO number, SES number (if applicable) and invoice number including invoice date, duly signed by an authorized functionary of your company attached to the PO and SES must be submitted at Staatsolie’s main office at Flora to the attention of the Treasury/Accounts Payable department. Submitted invoices without the required documents will not be accepted and as such cannot be processed.
  4. Local suppliers should submit their invoices at the front desk of Staatsolie’s main office (Flora) and will receive a receipt as reference and proof.
  5. Foreign suppliers can submit their invoice by e-mail to the e-mail address: and the original invoice can be send by mail.
  6. Unless specifically agreed otherwise, payments will be made within 30 days of invoice receipt.
  7. For clarifications on the payment process, please send an e-mail to
  8. The bank charges for payments (1) through an intermediary bank and / or with a bank located outside of the USA or (2) with a bank established in the USA in a currency other than USD, will be borne by the supplier.

The payment procedure and terms takes effect as of the date the invoice in received by the Treasury / Accounts payable department. Please note that in order to ensure within the agreed payment terms, timely filing of your invoice at above-mentioned department, accompanied by a PO or SES (as applicable) is required.

Read the procurement and payment guidelines of our subsidiary GOw2 here.

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