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Staatsolie Gasoline (95 RON)

Gasoline (95 RON)

The specification of the gasoline product (95 RON) is as follows:

Staatsolie Gasoline (95 RON) Test method ASTM:
RON 95 min D2699
MON 85 min D2700
Density at 15 °C 720-775 kg/m³ D1298
Aromatics 45 wt% max D5580
Benzene 1.0 max vol% D3606
Olefins 18 max vol% D6293
RVP 0.62 bar @ 37.8 °C D4953
Sulfur content 10 ppm wt max D2622
Lead 0 g/l D5050
10 vol% evaporated 70 °C max D86
50 vol% evaporated 77-121 °C D86
90 vol% evaporated 190 °C max D86
Copper strip corrosion No. 1 max D130
Silver strip corrosion 1 max D4814
Solvent washed gum content 5 mg/100ml max D381
Oxidation stability 240 minutes min D525
Oxygen content N/A    

Staatsolie Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)

Automotive Diesel

The specification of the Automotive Diesel product is as follows:

Staatsolie Premieum Diesel (Euro IV)
 Test method ASTM:
Density at 15 °C 820-845 kg/m³ D1298
Viscosity at 40 °C 2.0 - 4.5 cSt D445
Flash point 55 °C min D93
Cloud point -15 °C max D2500
Sulfur content 10 ppm wt max D1552
Water content 200 ppm wt max D2709
Cetane Number 51.0 min D613
ASTM D86 95% 360 °C max D86
Polycyclic aromatics 11 wt% max D6591


Our Saramacca Crude is produced from our oilfields in the Sarmacca District: Tambaredjo, Calcutta and Tambaredjo-Northwest. The crude is transported to the refinery at Tout Lui Faut via a 55 km pipeline.

Fuel oil

Staatsolie produces various grades of low-sulphur and low-vanadium fuel oils. These oils are used in engines, boilers and for other industrial applications. The fuel oils are delivered to several countries in the Caribbean. Major industries in Suriname, Guyana, Antigua and Barbados use fuel oils produced by Staatsolie for their power generation. 


Staatsolie Bitumen complies with all international specifications and standards. We can deliver bitumen with a penetration of 40 to 150. The bitumen is suitable for use on roads, airports, bridges, parking lots, etc. Bitumen produced by Staatsolie has been used in all major paving projects in Suriname. 

API Gravity 15.8
Viscosity at 50°C (cSt) 480
Sulphur (weight percentage) 0.65
Concentration Carbons (weight percentage) 7.1
Sodium (ppm) 23
Vanadium (ppm) 10
Asphaltenes (weight percentage) 1
API Gravity 14.5
Pour Point (°C) 0
Viscosity at 50°C (cSt)  150-480
Sulphur (weight percentage) 0.7
Concentration Carbons (weight percentage)  9
Sodium (ppm) 10
Vanadium (ppm) 25
API Gravity 8.8
Penetration at 25°C * 63
Softening Point (°C)  47.2

* Penetration grades up to 150 are available on request

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