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Staatsolie Nearshore Drilling (NSD) Project

Staatsolie wants to safeguard its long term future. Since the current oil fields are in production for 38 years, it is necessary to find new reserves. In 2015 we already explored the nearshore, the shallow sea near the coast, for oil. That search gave us enough leads to explore a larger area.The Staatsolie Exploration team has identified a large number of possible drilling locations that have been selected with the best chance of success. The Nearshore Drilling Project has been set up to carry out the exploration drilling. Drilling started on 1 April 2019. During a period of eleven months, we will drill five to nine exploration wells in an area of ​​over 11,000 km2.

Sherida Asinga, Project Corporate Communication Officer.

Phone: 0375222 ext.66463, during weekdays 07.30 –15.30 hrs.



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