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Arrival West Castor Rig in Trinidad, last stop before arrival in Suriname


The Seadrill’s West Castor Rig for the Nearshore Drilling Project arrived in the Chaguaramas Bay, Trinidad, on the 1st of March 2019. The Rig departed on the 20st February, 2019 from the port Dos Bocas in Mexico to Trinidad. The West Castor is scheduled to arrive in the last week of March in Suriname and start early April with drilling of the nine exploration wells in the nearshore area.

In Mexico the West Castor, an independent jack up Rig, was first transferred to the GPO Grace, a Heavy Lift Vessel (HLV). The Rig is hereby partially submerged and pulled into place with the help of left and right secured wenches. The legs of the rig are withdrawn during this process. Once in Trinidad, the Rig was successfully offloaded from the HLV and will be soft pinned in the Chaguaramas Bay, while preparations are being done prior to its departure to Suriname. The drilling rig has in addition to drilling facilities, also accommodation for personnel. Most crew members of the Rig are already in Trinidad.

While the Rig is in Trinidad, Staatsolie representatives are already on location and will have continuous discussions with Seadrill on the follow-up activities that have to be completed before the next trip. According to the current planning, the Rig will leave in mid-March to sail to Suriname. The sailing time is approximately six days. It is expected that the rig will move in and position on the first drilling location, Marai, located in front of the coast of Saramacca.

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