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Nearshore Drilling Project geophysical and geotechnical survey completed


The geophysical & geotechnical survey in the nearshore area has been completed. The survey, an investigation of the geological formation under the seabed, is carried out before exploration drilling takes place.

The Staatsolie Nearshore Drilling Project (NSD) will start in April 2019 with the drilling program of nine exploration wells off the Surinamese coast. The area where the drilling will take place extends over a part in front of Commewijne, till the west on the border with Guyana and from there another thirty to forty kilometers into the sea. "During the geophysical survey, 2D seismic was done to identify possible obstructions or hazards, including shipwrecks and gas in the shallow subsurface," says Tisha Doekhie, Jr. Drilling Engineer NSD project and coordinator of the survey. "This information is very important for an accurate project planning". An "independent jack-up rig", a type of drilling platform that can jack itself up, will be used for the drilling in the nearshore area. The rig will take approximately two to four weeks per drilling location. “During the geotechnical survey, drilling took place at every location to take soil samples at around forty and 110 meters depth. Further analysis of the data obtained from the survey takes place in a lab outside of Suriname. The analysis is in full swing and the final reports are expected in the first quarter of 2019 ”. With the obtained geophysical and geotechnical data, Staatsolie will soon be able to make a detailed plan together with drilling rig contractor, Seadrill, for a good positioning of the drilling platform next year.

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