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Press release Maritime students gain practical experience thanks to Staatsolie


Eleven students from the Suriname Maritime Institute (SMI) will gain practical experience from June to December 2019 on ships from Medserv, the logistics contractor of the Staatsolie Nearshore Drilling project. The agreement to this end was signed on 2 May 2019 by Staatsolies Managing Director Rudolf Elias, Medservs CEO Karl Bartolo and the chairman of Suriname Logistics Education (SLO) Michel Amafo. The SLO offers transport education and is the organization under which the SMI falls.

Staatsolie started exploration drilling in the nearshore area on April 1, 2019, the sea area up to forty kilometers off the coast. Medserv is responsible for transporting personnel and material over water from the port to the drilling platform and vice versa. Through this collaboration, the three parties fulfill the urgent need for ship experience for second and third year students of the SMI.

Staatsolie is responsible for the costs of medical examinations required for work at sea, travel insurance and the required safety training for students.

Medserv provides ship accommodation and practical guidance by the captain during their stay on the ships. SLO is responsible for the other insurance policies, and pedagogical and didactic guidance for the students.

By entering into the agreement, Staatsolie fulfills its social responsibility, with the development of young Surinamese among others being an important aspect.

Paramaribo, May 2, 2019

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