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Staatsolie Nearshore Drilling Project highlighted at Trinidad & Tobago Energy Conference 2019


Tom Ketele, project manager Nearshore Drilling, highlighted the project on 5 February during the Trinidad & Tobago Energy Conference and Trade Show 2019. He represented petroleum contracts manager, Marny Daal, who normally attends this annual conference.

"It was important for me to first give an overview of Staatsolie for the audience," says Tom. Using a graph, he visualized how Staatsolie has managed to hold its ground over the past 38 years, even in periods of very low oil prices, and has even improved its financial position. "As a company, we not only have technical knowledge, but also business." Tom then discussed the context in which the Nearshore Drilling Project is being conducted and explained the project's implementation plan. The project is currently in the starting blocks to carry out its drilling program of nine exploration wells off the Surinamese coast in April 2019.

The Energy Conference 2019 in Trinidad and Tobago critically analyzed how technology changes the industry and the consequences of these changes for the way companies plan, implement and manage. The Energy Conference also included a specific panel on developments in neighboring Caribbean countries, including Guyana and Suriname.

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