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West Castor successfully moved to Electric Ray


About four kilometers away from Marai, the West Castor is ready to carry out the next drilling operation for the Nearshore Drilling project. In the early hours of Friday, May 10, the Rig was moved to the second location, Electric Ray, with assistance of the tugboat GH Challenger. Exploration well Marai was closed off on April 30 after being drilled to maximum depth.

Immediately after this, preparations were made to move to Electric Ray. "We started with the demobilization of personnel and the removal of unnecessary equipment," says Dan Saenz, Project Operations Manager. “The West Castor contains a drilling deck that is retracted for relocation. In addition, the legs of the drilling platform are retracted from the seafloor. Since this type of Rig has no propulsion system, it floats on water. The West Castor is therefore being towed from one location to another. "
On board, Offshore Rig Movers International (ORMI) and team ensured that the jack-up rig was safely relocated and properly stationed at the new location. ORMI is the contractor who was specifically brought in to Suriname for the relocation. “Once at the new location, the process is repeated, but then the legs are driven back into the sea floor for stability. The Rig is lifted out of the water and the drilling deck is extended again. Finally, personnel and equipment were sent to the platform again in preparation to spud this next well. "

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